***update – we actually bought one! 68 years of Vespa festival in Bangkok played a key role in making our decision, and it was the best decision ever.*** Never realised I love Vespas so much.  I really want one. We’re gonna get one. One day…:)

post-image-0167So we found out about this Vespa event, I can’t even remember where from. We marked it in our diaries and then… forgot about it. Until yesterday morning when I looked at my phone and noticed a reminder. We were so lazy to get out of the house as we didn’t even know where exactly we were supposed to go. By the time we finally managed to get into town it was already a bit too late to join the start at Asiatique, so we decided to go straight to Nang Loeng Horse Racecourse where the biggest Vespa caravan in Asia was supposed to arrive around 3:30pm. We were walking around for a while (it’s a massive field!) trying to find the entrance, getting tired from the heat until we almost gave up but then as if out of nowhere we walked into a gap in the wall – which was in fact the entrance!

To our excitement there was a cosy coffee shop inside (with much needed air-con) and perfect view of the whole car park with cute little Vespas starting to show up one by one. It was like being in a cat cafe, except that all the kittens were outside. We were already happy:) And then the caravan came – lead by the 3 police motorbikes, tons of Vespas started piling in. All sorts of colours and models, loads of really old ones (those are the prettiest!), some carefully polished and shiny, others covered in rust… All sooo beautiful!

post-image-0120post-image-0100post-image-0228post-image-0186We were sitting there, admiring the kittens flowing in. We just couldn’t stop smiling and taking pictures!:) But then the caravan finished. Well, at least we thought so. Then, after a while a second wave of Vespas came in! And then the third, and the fourth… there was no end! Although we didn’t actually realise just HOW MANY Vespas there were at the event until we bought the tickets and walked in. I have never seen so many Vespas in my life. I didn’t think it was possible to have that many of them in one place!


Initially we thought we’re just gonna take some pictures and head home. But then we started walking between the Vespas, reached the vintage stands and the food fair where we had some amazing pizza… Good music, good food, loads of beautiful stylish people and Vespas everywhere you look – it was too good to leave!

post-image-0212post-image-0208post-image-0258By the time we got our second slice of pizza (we couldn’t help it) it was already dark and the bands started playing on stage. Interestingly enough at that point it didn’t feel like Thailand at all. It felt as if we were at a summer concert in Vilnius, back home. Even the people around us looked like lithuanians in Vilnius (I know it sounds strange, but that’s what it felt like!). Of course we couldn’t understand any of the words of the songs or the jokes that the singers were making, but the pure joy we were surrounded by didn’t need to be translated. Everyone was dancing, singing along and laughing. And we were a part of the fiesta.

More photos here.


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