Auste: “I promise this time I’ll get up early so we could leave before sunrise. Oh, but I have to wash my hair… But it’s ok, I’ll make it.”

Vidmantas: “If we leave late again, you owe me a doughnut.”

Next day:

Vidmantas: “Mmm… This doughnut tastes amazing.”

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We sold everything, quit our… NOT.

We were hiking somewhere in Scarborough when we thought – why not move abroad, again. We’re from Lithuania, but we met in England. We loved it there, and it was sad to leave such a beautiful place, but all good things come to an end. And where’s an end, there’s a new beginning! For the past few years we’ve been living in Bangkok, and it was the best decision ever (and also, perhaps, buying our new shiny red Vespa!)


When we met at uni, she made me try the weirdest things like… chickpeas and rocket salad. I think I was called a caveman on several occasions back then. Very accurate. We cooked our way up to ‘foodie’ level striving for a healthy balanced diet. Food in Thailand crushed our hopes though, and we realized just how important good food is to us. Although there’s nothing more satisfying than a veggie burger with french fries… That’s called balance!


Coffee. Train. View. Next destination. It’s addictive. Sometimes we get into the hamster wheel of hopping trains or flights without seeing the green grass in our own backyard. It’s nice to go on day-trips abroad but it’s also nice to explore and discover new things right next to your doorstep. It feels strange calling Bangkok our home, but you don’t find a home – you make it. Travelling has been an amazing experience, which has also helped shape our values and philosophy.


It’s fascinating how photography has changed the way we choose our destinations and activities, the way we dress, even the way we schedule our day around good sunlight! We have visited amazing places and met amazing people, and there is so much of the world’s beauty just waiting to be captured. If you want to see some of our work, check out our gallery.

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