Above Eleven rooftop – why didn’t we come here before? Well, I know exactly why, and I’ll tell you – because it’s NANA. We thought Nana was a cloned Pattaya (and it kind of is) but once you’re “above eleven” it’s a totally different world! It’s indescribable how good of a night we had, and we’ve been to most rooftops in Bangkok!

Auste was so stoked the whole night because everything was getting better and better: we asked to move seats, food was too delicious, wine wasn’t finished yet, they were playing swing music, and the toilet-view was a killer!

The whole world is watching…

So why so good?

Swing music.

All of you jazz wannabe’s would have been Shazam’ing the vintage songs all night, but we felt extra comforted because we love swing music! They played all the tunes you can dance lindy-hop to: Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and so on. Although there wouldn’t be much space for dancing, as it’s not that big of  a place.

Vegetarian food galore.

The menu influenced our decision to come here. Usually we taste all (of the two or three) dishes on the menu, but this time we were too full to finish our meal. Proper Italian spaghetti – vegetarian. And it’s not as if the it was defrosted and served, it was really creamy, with lots of butter, cream and cheese, just like it’s supposed to.

The other tasty creations we had were spinach pastry with an amazing tomato sauce, potato puff pastry (how is that possible?!), cheese balls, and fried potatoes with different sauces. We were defeated.

They have iPads for menus so you can see the picture of the food you want to order, instead of just betting your money. After a minute of inactivity the screen dimmed to black. Being non-Appleists we made fools of ourselves by pressing random buttons but then eventually called the waitress to turn it on again… The staff were also kind enough to pack our amazing dinner to take home.

That spaghetti though…


Pretty much the standard for a rooftop bar: 300-something for cocktails and wine, appetizers 200-300, and simple mains more expensive at 400 and up (add 17 % charges on top). This is definitely not a place for a tight budget, but always remember: you get what you pay for! It’s very reasonably priced for the service that you get. Have a look at their menu online (LINK) and see for yourself.

Busy but quiet.

I just can’t help but compare it to the Vertigo Moonbar rooftop (LINK) where the layout was similar, having couples-tables by the edge, and bigger tables in the middle, but it was just much quieter. At Vertigo you need to excuse three times to leave the table (bad idea already) while being “excuse me’d” by countless other people. The staff made us feel very welcome, even when we just hung around doing nothing after we asked for the bill.


To get your money’s worth (for good view) book a table. Make sure you ask for the lower level, as most of the upper level has a random roof blocking the view – their staff speak really good English so tell them what you want. Other than that, it’s just a regular rooftop bar, with perhaps more than usual attention from staff which was nice. Of course typically when you want to ask for the bill they’re never there, but that’s Murphy’s law!

The verdict:

I guess our expectations were exceeded by a million percent because we expected a million people! It isn’t really a place for photographers, but their toilet had the best view in town… as weird as it may sound. Above eleven rooftop bar ranks highly next to Sofitel’s Park Society (LINK) or if you’re a beer lover – BREWSKI (LINK) so check these out before making your way!

Look at those veins.