**April 2017 update** This awesome Bangkok cat cafe is changing location to the other side of Sukhumvit road, and is closed until further notice, you can check their Facebook page for updates HERE. If you can picture your Sunday morning enjoying three different cheesecakes with a nice creamy latte at a cosy cafe, surrounded by playful cats… you rock!

11092-2022Our Sunday morning started with a Musketeers song from last night, which we heard at Talad Rot Fai – the best train market in Bangkok. Thais have some good music! Us two sleepyheads were making our way to 7-11 for our usual weekend coffees, but then we “woke up” half-way as we realised our favourite cat cafe is like 10 minutes away. What an unusual feeling it was to go to town without heading back to take bags of unnecessary stuff! Although whenever we don’t have a camera with us – we miss photo opportunities, it’s so typical. We felt like real foreigners once again – it’s been a long time since we wore flip-flops on the BTS!


Udom Suk BTS, take exit 5 (you’ll see a big green “One Udom Suk” sign). Walk to the far end of the Udom Suk complex and the Cat Cafe is on the corner on your right. If you walk up Udom Suk Road (Sukhumvit 103) instead, the Cat Cafe will be on your left. Either way it’s only a 2 minute walk.


Most of them are young, soft, fluffy and playful. I’d say they’re very photogenic, compared to for example the cat cafe at Rot Fai. There are like ten of them, mostly tabby, and only one flatfaced – Charlie. Everyone knows him and I think now he has a son there too! The owners take good care of them, sometimes take them outside, and there are many toys for the cats to use. I once saw one little girl wiggling a stick and a thread for the cats and one little boy was chasing it hahaha! However the cats are much keener on plastic bags and crumpled papers… and boxes.

post-0080On the weekend, Sunday morning (11am) is the best time to visit as the cats won’t have been exposed to many people yet. We were the first customers and the cats were extra friendly. Usually we come in later in the afternoon, but there are always seats available. Most of the seats are on the floor, which makes it super cosy. We’ve been going there for about a year now, and I think they still don’t have wi-fi. Or maybe they do – we just never asked. If we do take laptops, we end up playing with the cats anyway!


Desserts and drinks:

The cheesecakes are perfect (only 80b!!!). The brownie cheesecake comes with real brownie pieces and chocolate drizzled on top, however the first place goes to macadamia cheesecake, because of its biscuit crust, perfectly firm texture and baked macadamia topping. The texture of the berry ones is softer and comes with chocolate crust instead of shortbread, which just cannot compare.

Another one of my favourites is ‘the banoffee’ – a sweet and moist chocolate puree base, topped with sweet banana toffee layer and whipped cream on top – delicious (60b). Brownie costs like 35 baht, and other things like toast, cupcakes, ice cream, pancake cakes, etc, rotate every month.

post-0144kava-sujungtaThe only coffee we’ve had here is the same old latte, because it’s so darn good (only 55b, too). It’s got a good balance of coffee mixed foam, and it’s always smooth and creamy. They do single origin too, but we come here for the cats. Sometimes 2 hours of coffee is too much so we get a pot of Earl Grey (like 50b).



It’s THE best cat cafe in Bangkok! It’s subjective, I know, but come and see for yourself. It’s by far the cheapest one of its kind in Bangkok, but only because of its location (like 10 stops away from Siam). In terms of quality, the cakes are very good. The cats are very friendly and energetic, and you can feed them too. We fed them last time (30b cat food) and they were super hyped! So if you’re in the area, pop in, and add some cats to your afternoon!