First thing’s first: Brewski. Surely they could have picked a better name than a Polish botanist’s. I know, I know, it’s North American slang for beer, but coming from Eastern Europe I am pretty biased when it comes to words carrying consonants w, s, and k in the same syllable. None of this matters one bit, because it’s all about the liquid gold that they serve. I guess I’ll get used to Brewski Bangkok… Dobry.

If you’ve lived in the Big Mango for a while, you (sadly) already got used to drinking the typical Singhas and Changs. And if you’re new you’re probably wondering what the hell IS the Big Mango? It’s the nickname for Bangkok, as Big Apple is the nickname for New York.

Everyone knows that if you want a pint of good quality craft beer, you have to go somewhere like Wishbeer. It’s a cosy dark place to hide from the heat or when it’s pouring down, which can last up to way too long!

Brewski Bangkok is another great spot that offers an escape from the black hole that is crappy Thai beer. Craft beer is by no exception still a sprouting seed in Thailand, and I hope it will pick up pace as all the hipster coffee shops did.

The beer:

You know the feeling when there’s so much choice, you just can’t choose? Why don’t just have one beer on the menu, and that’s it? We spent so long flipping through the menu that we ended up asking staff for advice, and it was damn good advice! The two Thai IPAs were so crisp and hoppy, with a tiny hint of citrus, you wouldn’t be able to tell that one of them was Thai beer.

Many international names like Vedett, Brewdog, Brother’s, including IPAs, whites, darks, and even a couple of Thai brands (and we tried both of them!) are available. The Thai craft beers come in bottles as they have to be sold as imports due to some Thai law.

If you don’t want to blindly hand over your 300 baht for that unidentified hipster-sounding pint, there’s an option to buy a half-pint, or a 100ml glass. And probably the best option is their so-called “flight” – 4 x 100ml glasses for 300 baht, so you can taste your way into your favourite drink.

The food:

Unfortunately we had eaten before we came up here, plus, they gave us two bowls of complimentary snacks… Even though the food menu was just one page, they have at least 3 awesome vegetarian snacks! And they’re very well priced, too. There were vegetarian gyozas…. Check out their website (LINK) as they have different offers every day of the week.

The view:

Stunning to say the least! From a photographer’s perspective, it breaks my heart to see an ugly random office building right where the sun sets. People were taking a lot of photos with their phones, because you can still enjoy a pretty view of the big red circle. I assume no tripods as usual, but the glass wall is too tall for it anyway.

The price:

[I will sound like a TV ad, but it’s so exciting!] Bottled craft beers start from as little as 190 baht! 100ml beers go for around 100 baht, half pints for 200, and pints for roughly 320. There are too many to remember, but if you want something fancier and more expensive, they have them, too.

The location:

Between Asok and Phrom Phong BTS stops. Even in midday heat you can walk it, EASY,  save yourself that overpriced motorbike taxi fare, and you may as well order those vegetarian gyozas…

The verdict:

A definite yes. We have a couple of favourite rooftops like Cielo (LINK) and Park Society (LINK), but Brewski Bangkok has just made it to our top list! I guess it’s the laid-back atmosphere and, of course, super tasty beers.