It is fascinating how a few moments of doing something you don’t enjoy feel like a million years, yet when you look back at the good memories from year(s) ago, it feels as if they happened only yesterday. Fortunately the good memories visit us much more often than the unwanted ones. Compared to this year’s tropical celebration, last Christmas was so cosy and special, that we decided to share some of those moments from our last British Christmas here. Happy holidays!

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The beauty of British Christmas is that you can’t escape it.We lived in Leeds, and even all the smaller towns and shops in Yorkshire are decorated with all sorts of Christmassy things. It’s as if everyone feels obliged to take part. And that is because Poundlands and Pound-stretchers and Pound-cutters and whatnot stock up on cheap decorations, and more importantly, cheap sweets way way way too early, sometimes as early as October, earlier than Halloween!