It’s a gamble – finding a truly delicious cake shop in Bangkok, that is. Brooklyn Baker wasn’t on our radar until I raided Instagram for Bangkok’s coffee shops. There are too many to choose from, with modern interiors and whatnot, but they’re not all worth a visit. The photos on Brooklyn Baker’s Instagram are nowhere near as good as let’s say at Rocket coffee bar, but the fact that they bake cakes to order – you know you need to go.

The atmosphere:

The space is huge, it’s quiet, and no staff give you looks to order more. There are so many seats to choose from, either  comfy sofas or chairs, so you can bring your “digital nomad” gear and set camp. Speaking of getting comfy, the sofa near the counter is rather dimly lit, where you can roll yourself up in a hoodie and get lost in the depths of social media. (there was a gif of a cute puppy rolling itself up in a towel which I wanted to post here, but Auste did not approve AT ALL 🙁 )

The cakes:

We had 3 different cakes, because you know, life is short – eat the cake. #excuses

Auste doesn’t like lemon cakes. Not even lemon-poppy seed muffins from Costa (UK), which I am a huge advocate of. Yet she loved the orange citrus cake. It was really good, but I was only given a chance to get a tiny bite of the whole slice. Creamy, soft, with a hint of citrus.

We were advised that carrot cake is one of their best-sellers. We didn’t really want to have it simply because, well, it’s a carrot cake. We followed the recommendation, and boy oh boy did I enjoy it: not overly sweet, with a thick creamy layer of icing (it’s called icing, isn’t it?).

We also tried a slice of humming bird*. The name probably comes from its tropical ingredient – mango. That was also really tasty, with a thick whip of cream, fresh mango, walnut, and a sprig of rosemary.

*NOT an actual humming bird

Since Instagram is LIFE, we have to say the winner was the carrot cake as it was best looking one. It was soft, moist, moreish, and more importantly it looked pretty. It was topped with dried pineapple, orange, apple, walnut, pomegranate seeds, and some dried star.

If you want to have proper brunch, they have lots of meaty dishes. Sorry can’t comment – we’re vegetarian, but they do look hearty.

The coffee:

The amazing honey latte was delicious, and we ordered it twice! It tasted just like Starbucks’ gingerbread latte, and they have red cups – how awesome is that?

The owner said they plan to discontinue it. Silly girl. (She’s super nice btw)

They obviously use good beans, not the burnt toxic Thai stuff. Hot lattes were perfect!

The location:

Nearest BTS stop – Ploen Chit, on Soi Polo. Our landmark of choice for the motorbike taxi drivers was the Polo Condominium. Do NOT say coffee shop to them – you may just end up anywhere. It cost 30 baht per person, but we were quoted 20 baht to get back to the BTS.

The area is very local. From the famous Wittayu road lined with embassies and hotels you turn into a small street with almost wooden houses. It just proves that Bangkok is a city of contrast. They do, however, offer free parking which is a rare commodity. I remember trying to find a spot on Wittayu road when we went to Starbucks – I spent more time parking than enjoying my coffee. That’s one brownie point right there.

The verdict:

The owner was super friendly and open, so we had a nice little chat about her business. she apparently has brought her baking skills all the way from New York, hence the name of the shop. Auste was looking through the photos now, and she was like “omg that cake..” – how am I to make breakfast now? If we didn’t live THAT far (BTS Bearing) we would definitely come in for a treat more often.

Don’t be put off that the space is shared with the SPA company, their reception is basically a desk and you certainly won’t see anyone getting massages done. Honestly I can’t remember what music they were playing, but it must have been good since I don’t have anything negative to say! Definitely worth keeping them in mind, especially if organising a TASTY cake for a birthday or something, instead of getting a Thai-style pretty tasteless cardboard.