We’re super grateful for the anonymous vegetarian (or a flexi-eater) at “BK Asia City“. These guys have published a list of places where you can find vegetarian burgers. Hallelujah! So this is where the story begins. There were three of us vegetarian types visiting this place:

Ieva: a tall, yoga-loving, conscious eater with a small stomach;
Auste: a fitness enthusiast with quick metabolism, and eyes bigger than the stomach;
And me: a body-type that says loves gym, but definitely enjoys ice-cream.

post-0707post-0691post-0683The main influence came from first impressions from BK overview, location, and price.

Super-easy to reach, just down the stairs from BTS Chong Nonsi. It’s a small place, perhaps not very welcoming from the outside, but the interior looked as if it was just completed. It’s a very small place with one table outside, and 3 inside. It really looks like a takeaway place in England, where you go to after a night out. A good one, that is.

It definitely does what it says on the tin: beef and shake. However, apart from meat burgers and a variety of sweet-sounding shakes, they do Portobello burgers, as well as green-leaf salads! And, thank God, french fries. The best part is that you can add extras for cheap. For example, fresh shallots, fried onions, avocado (!!!), cheese and so on. If that wasn’t enough, you can choose between a regular or a charcoal bun, and you can get the patty grilled or battered and deep-fried.

Very affordable given their quality. A burger is 160 baht, or you can get a full meal for 220. It’s definitely worth it.

Yes, yes, and yes. They only offer one type of vegetarian burger, but given all the customisation options it feels like 4 different burgers. We tried all possible options, like charcoal+grilled, charcoal+battered+extras, regular bun+double patty, salad, etc.
The best combination was to go for a charcoal bun, battered patty, with avocado and fresh shallots. We pretended to be hi-so and use cutlery, but ended up moving separate burger pieces around the wooden serving plate. Eat with hands, spill stuff, and enjoy. It’s really nice!
All three of us liked it there, even though it’s not a classy-type of place, it’s all about the burger!

In comparison:
In terms of other places, I’d say it’s better than the charcoal burger at Broccoli Revolution (too dry and twice the price) and better than Burger King’s veggie burger. Although if you compare it to their Veggie Whopper, it would be difficult to say which is better. I can certainly say it’s not superior to our home-made sweet-potato burgers… Pardon my ego for a minute! Recipe link HERE.
If we’re ever hungry around Silom area, Beef and Shake would definitely be on our go-to list. Just look at it: