BK Asia-city describes Casa Lapin x49 as “a gorgeous and thoughtful place well worth a visit, from the chic daybed out front to the lofty ceiling inside.” However we’re indecisive whether we’ll come back there again. Maybe we just had a less fortunate experience compared to other places we’ve been to.

post-image-1952Even though it’s relatively close to Thong Lo BTS (Soi 49, opposite Samitivej Hospital), it’s too hot to walk in the heat. We took motorcycle taxis from the end of the street: I paid 20 baht, and Auste paid 30, but just because the driver drove past the hospital and had to drive back.

The coffee shop, which is also a bar/brunch spot, is actually easy to find, and sits on a quiet little alley off the main road. There are lots of potted plants outside the entrance, which feels like entering a cosy garden at your aunt’s or something. If it wasn’t for the plants, it wouldn’t be as lovely, as both the interior and exterior are mainly concrete and wood, with hanging warehouse-style lamps, and dominant dark colours.

post-image-1955It was pretty dim inside, which made us sleepy, and everyone else around us seemed sleepy too. Usually we don’t mind the music too much, but it was just a weird sound-noise mixtape, and after a while it started to get irritating. The sleepy customers, dark colours with dim lighting, and monotonous music in the background created a strange hangover ambience. 

They do serve beer, as well as food – I saw someone having a meaty dish with eggs, which reminded me of British cuisine. The cake selection was rather poor, and they weren’t special in any way (it was the first time I was struggling to finish a piece of cake!). We had an apple tart, which was a tad dry, and a carrot cake, which was very sweet with an artificial aftertaste. They also had a chocolate cake and a cheesecake. They were like 120-140 baht each. Coffee was 90-100 each, which isn’t bad at all for Thong Lo.

post-image-1963The coffee was good, including its presentation. We didn’t want to get too caffeinated, so we went for single-shot drinks (you can choose one shot, two shots, or iced). The caramel macchiato was very nice, however it would have been better enjoyed without having the cake, as it was sweet enough on its own.

After 30 minutes the music kind of got on our nerves and we moved to outside seating. Interestingly, as soon as we did, the music changed to some chilled-out deep house tunes and felt much easier on our ears. To be fair, the outside seats are much cosier with plenty of light and plants. However, the fan outside was loud AND there was a strong glue smell in the air, as if some furniture was being fixed next door. To top it off, some tired Thai couple sat down next to us and started smoking, so the little lounge area outdoor was soon filled with smoke.

post-image-1944Our verdict:

The coffee is good and the outside lounge is cosy however, the interior inside, even though modern and tasteful, reminds more of a bar than a cafe. The cakes were definitely unimpressive (not sure about the cheesecake and chocolate cake though, they could be amazing, you never know). As for food there were no veggie options, so we didn’t try anything. I guess it’s a nice spot to hang out after a rough night, maybe have a beer or a fry-up and chat to friends. That’s not what we go to coffee shops for though… We were both unable to neither relax, nor do any work on our laptops. We felt like we wanted to leave as soon as we finished the cakes, and we did…

There are plenty of coffee places in the same area, like Rocket coffee bar, Starbucks, Blue Cup Coffee, including numerous interesting-looking ones right next to “Grease”.