Auste and I boarded the 15-hour overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and she said to me: “We’ll finally get some sleep!” I thought – why couldn’t we do so when we were staying at this amazing secluded hotel with enormous bed for 30 days…? If you were in the CELTA course Chiang Mai, you know why!

One of the many 5 AM starts with no time to enjoy the hotel.

A group of us left Assaradevi discussing the hundreds of online reviews all stating nothing but that it was THE most intensive thing. In our group there were professionals, people with teaching experience, degrees in law, PhD’s and unexperienced teachers – all of whom agreed that it was the most intensive course they had ever done. Content wise it is definitely manageable, but doing it in a month – that’s the challenge.


I remember being anxious about teaching on day 2 with a surprise evacuation of the whole building 10 minutes before our first lessons, and conversations in the pool that evening, all starting with “I can’t believe it’s only been two days”.


Now, unfortunately, we had to exchange our goodbyes, but that was due to come. We all know that we’ll all be fine and end up doing what we have to. And we’re all going to miss those awkward moments with Percy! I’m sure going to miss Mr Ferrero Roche, Grant ‘rhaa-rrgghh’ Thomas, Mr Tittymarsh, runner-up of Miss Catalonia 2014, a couple of geeks, a selective vegan and many more!

A reflection on the table - that's pretty much all we've seen of the world outside CELTA
A reflection on the table – that’s pretty much all we’ve seen of the world outside CELTA

Is the CELTA in the past? Or is it in the future? Is it a long CELTA, or a short CELTA?

Thank you everyone for an amazing time, and good luck with the DELTA!