Hands down one the best coffee (and cakes) we’ve tried in Bangkok. We were lucky to visit on the weekend, because we were the only customers at around 11 AM. The place was huge, and they didn’t seem to mind me just lunaticking around, taking pictures. All the furniture, floors, lamps, coffee machines, and all the decorations were brand new, and it was so clean you could eat on the floor. But don’t.

I really enjoyed their chilled out playlist which consisted of mainly classics from a few years back, like Sam Smith, Hozier and other tunes everyone’s heard of.


Bolivian Siete Estrellas was the filter coffee of the day, but that doesn’t really matter to us because we are simple people and don’t understand any of that. All we know that it was one of the best cups we’ve had in a while. I’ll try to use my non-existent “coffee vocabulary” to describe it: very easy drinking with no bitterness or caffeine-like aftertaste, with slightly acidic notes at first, and a very smooth finish. The crafted latte was of course perfect, and of a decent serving too.


So apparently their brownies are made by Sticky Piggy. The cheesecake brownie was heaven! Its base was moist and creamy (I want to say gooey?) with almost like a quality cocoa filling, and the top had a thick pattern of smooth white chocolate. The Lenzil cake reminded us of a traditional Lithuanian bake (grybukai) which had a strong clove taste upon the first bite, and a layer of cherry filling. It was like a clove cherry tart, not too sweet with a firm soft bite and exciting taste combination.


After two amazing cakes we thought maybe the carrot cake will be good too. We’re not fans of carrot cake for sure, but this was good. It was sweet, moist with earthy walnuts and hints of cloves, which also reminded us of “back-home”! Maybe we use too much cloves in Lithuanian baking… The exciting part was that there were mysterious crunchy bits inside, possibly sugar, which made me keep guessing. The sweet rich cream had a savoury element to it (as supposed to!), and it was literally the icing on the cake…

The job was done – the bellies were full, the cakes were amazing, the only regret we have is that we didn’t buy their roasted beans to take home…