People usually plan visits to rooftop bars, perhaps google a thing or two, but it was a late Sunday afternoon – decision had to be done instantly! We made an unexpected visit to CHAR rooftop bar, and it well exceeded our expectations. The first time we were like WINE IS 160 BAHT PER GLASS! But the second time we took it to the next level and tried a few cocktails. Now we’re like DO THEY HAVE MEMBER CARDS?!

Best thing? -Cocktail presentation.

They also have their whole menu online (link HERE).

The view:

Miniature Central Park of New York.

As soon as you step out on the rooftop, you’ll be rewarded with a view somewhat similar to the Lumphini from Park Society. It’s just as spectacular, and it’s actually someone’s property (U.S. Ambassador’s). The glass-panels from the 26th floor were a nice addition to the already wide 180 degree view of the park and tall buildings in the background.

For photographers:

We dropped our GoPro from the rooftop!

We had mounted our GoPro on the edge of the glass to do a timelapse, as the glass panels have connections where you can easily place your camera without the tripod.

Being a silly goose, I accidentally touched it, and it simply fell down. Luckily it only fell two floors down, right next to the swimming pool. I wish it had dropped into the pool, because now the waterproof housing broke. When I went down the staff were investigating this random UFG (unidentified flying GoPro), but they were very professional and didn’t cause more drama than there was! *phew*


The seating area is not small, and there are a lot of chairs. Best ones are divided into private areas of around 6 seats, which we had all for ourselves. It’s just cool to see the sun setting behind the tall buildings while listening to chill out beats.

Speaking of music, this was one of the few places that make you want to stay after you’ve paid the bill. Shazam app is a must when going there. If you’re old school like us, you may have to google what Shazam is in the first place.

The drinks:

Now this is where it gets its brownie points!

The basic wines are 160 baht per glass (still can’t believe it), and most wines will set you back around 270 baht. The sparkling wine was only 220 baht, and it was super refreshing.

If you’re into cocktails, you’ll be coming back for sure. Just don’t go for the cheesy Margaritas or Mai Tais, the CHAR Specials are amazing and they cost the same (around 300 baht)! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We tried 4 cocktails (when is one ever enough?) and they all were super creative.

The best cocktail was “Wings of my mind”. On the menu it got me at “Elderflower and vanilla”. Show me anything with elderflower on it, and I’ll take it. It was so well-balanced with fruitiness and various aromas, and was just sweet enough. It came in a martini glass, with a spring of thyme attached with a cute tiny clothes peg. At the bottom part there was a tiny glass potion with velvet liquid (Elderflower syrup) glued to it using burnt sugar! You will never look at us the same, but… we licked the sugar off the glass. *loses 20 followers*

Second place goes to “Lovers confession”. It was a refreshing velvety liqueur with a pink foam cloud, topped with an ice “frame” and fresh pomegranate seeds on top. It was seriously good and even felt healthy. The cucumber is listed as an ingredient, so you know you’re getting one of your 5-a-day.

“Memory” had the craziest presentation: on a wooden plate you get a big glass of purple liquid with its rim covered with tiny candies, and a huge yellow duck next to it! You can’t eat the duck though… In another little glass you also get a lightly burnt marshmallow on a cinnamon stick. The purple liquid has hints of lavender, but also candy, which was really nice and not too sweet. It’s very difficult to describe, because it has so many different ingredients which occupies some time guessing them.

I’m not a fan of strong drinks like whisky, so one cocktail which we didn’t fancy that much was “Pandora’s Box”. This was way too manly for me, even though I have a moustache. *shrugs shoulders* It came in a tumbler glass with a fancy glass cover, and tasted very smoky and strong. Perfect for the lumberjacks out there.

The food:

It’s a steak place, but also very vegetarian-friendly. FINALLY!

We loved the huge portions. For 220 baht you can get a whole plate of colourful tortilla chips with a bowl of guacamole..mmm! Also the black and white olives were amazing, served in oil, and they came with freshly grilled bread, for only 180 baht.  And of course, the vegetarian staple – french fries!

The only drawback is that they don’t offer complimentary snacks. But… have you seen their cocktails??

Getting there:

Super easy to find: from Ploen Chit BTS walk towards Lumphini Park, and it’s on the left at the top of Hotel Indigo. If it’s a very hot day – get a motorbike, it WILL be a hot 5 minute walk.

The verdict:

If it wasn’t for the GoPro incident, it would feel less awkward… But we went again anyway. It’s got nice views, professional staff, good prices, welcoming ambience, and good music. What’s not to like?

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