This is getting ridiculous: It’s 9 PM, I’m posting this blog (blogging this post?) and helping myself to a second sitting of this… I should post a warning that it is addictive.

I was never a fan of kale. Why would you – it’s tasteless. Well, it isn’t, it has a taste: it is bitter and reminds me of antibiotics. Anyway, you knew this was coming – I cooked the green bastard and I love it now. I want to buy more kale tomorrow.

The cheese gives it a savoury mouthwatering taste, which combined with the kale pesto-smothered spaghetti, a slice of fresh ciabatta and a glass of red wine makes this dish a true evening sensation…
And the recipe is sooo easy you wouldn’t believe!

1) 100g chopped curly kale
2) 2 garlic cloves
3) 4 tbsp grated parmesan
4) 3 tbsp oil
5) 1/2 lemon, zest and juice
6) 6 basil leaves

7) 150g spaghetti
8) 50g crumbled stilton or other salty cheese (you can double that if you want!)

1) Blanch the kale with boiling water, then drain.
2) Blitz the first 6 ingredients in food processor.
3) Cook the pasta and then mix with the blitzed pesto and add the cheese.

Goes exceptionally well with a glass of red wine. I have managed to accidentally make a perfect pairing – with full-bodied 2007 rioja riserva which had a hint of vanilla oak. You can also get yourself a nice loaf of bread to lick the plate clean, because you’re going to want to.