We attended the Khao Yai Party Field Hog event with our own bike, yaay!

It all started with 68 years of Vespa La Festa in 2015…(La Festa photos HERE) That article actually starts like this “Never realised I love Vespas so much.  I really want one. We’re gonna get one. One day…:)” It took us exactly one year to realize this little dream!

Khao Yai Party Field Hog, as weird a name as it sounds (Thai style), wasn’t huge, but the journey itself was amazing. We left Bangkok at 6 AM, and arrived at 4 PM. TEN HOURS OF DRIVING. We stopped a lot, enjoyed the mountain views, and only went on a big road for like 12 minutes, the rest of the time we just navigated rural roads. We got lost a few times, but then followed some random Vespers, and then we all got lost together, but eventually found the place. Live music, happy people, and camping surrounded by mountains, and hundreds of Vespa scooters, was the perfect weekend getaway.

Khao Yai Party Field Hog was basically an informal Vespa event with different scooter clubs coming here for some fun. We aren’t part of any clubs, but we follow New Vespa Society on Facebook. We stopped at a petrol station on our way, and one random guy pointed to something leaking from my bike. We have no clue about the technical details, so we sent a photo asking for advice, and the phone’s were running low on battery, too. Luckily, they told it’s just a mechanism if you overfill on petrol. It’s an amazing group of people, always glued to their phones, as Thais are 😀

The reason why we drove for ten hours was because we don’t drive as fast as most people, we could hardly catch up with other Vespa drivers going full-throttle! Also we avoid big roads, because many bike lanes have uneven surface because of all the heavy trucks, it’s noisy, it’s windy, and just dull. Instead, Auste goes on maps and tells me which rural road to take, some road was actually called “rural road”. I much prefer taking the time, and enjoying the very few cars, better views, and just the feeling of freedom.

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