The morning was fresssssh, just what you’d expect after a rainy night. It was still cloudy and cool, yet dry to safely drive a motorbike. We drove up north, past yesterday’s places and parked at some bungalow place. The thing is that in Koh Chang most beaches are occupied by resorts, some even having concrete stages stretching right into the water. However if you sit where there are no deckchairs/restaurants, nobody will mind.

Kai Bae viewpoint

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If you walk north from the Emerald Cove (less than one kilometre) you can enjoy stable wi-fi and quality food and beverages at the Pilot bar – beautiful lattes were 60 baht and a big, rather healthy potato and tomato omelette was only 90 baht. 3 coffees and 3 hours later we were still enjoying the reggae tunes, this time in a hut, as the tree shade is only a temporary fix (brought to you by Ooh, they also have a slack line. Although you know you’re too lazy when you see a slack line and go “Oh, a slack line. That’s cool” and slide back into the deckchair.


The evening was fun and funny: we drove to the Lonely beach area which is supposedly backpackers’ paradise. It kind of reminded us of Tonsai Beach in Krabi with lots of reggae and veggie burgers, but with tense alpha male Russian tourists, instead of laid-back international climbers. So once we got back, we were hypnotised by the beautiful waves crashing onto cliffs, just thinking how quiet was the area that we chose. It was a truly sensational experience, none of the YouTube best-crashing-waves-meditation-mix stuff can compare to it! And to top that off, we enjoyed a veggie burger with some serious fries and a beer whilst on those cliffs. Nothing else needs to be said.


Oh, the funny part. We got into the tent, snoozed for a bit, and then wanted to look at the stars, so Auste laid down on the porch; immediately thinking what the heck were all these crumbs underneath her back, which we realised were not crumbs, but the whole porch was covered with hiiiiiggggghways of ants. She jumped up at the speed of light and to my eyes what she did was a natural talent to riverdance. Michael Flatley would be proud. It was scary-funny!

Bang Bao pier

On the last day we explored the Bang Bao fisherman’s village with the lighthouse, which was closed. There was nothing spectacular at all, except you had a wider view of the sunrise. Next thing was the trip to the White Beach. It had a wide strip of nice beach with lots of western cafes and resorts. It was such a relaxing morning, and even the bike rental place didn’t check a thing!


Ferry back to the mainland, then a few hours wait, and an 8-hour bus trip back to Bangkok. Yeah, our guess was that the road from Pattaya/Chonburi was completely clogged with Bangkokians coming back from their weekend breaks. Mai pen rai, as we had a very nice break.