Last day on the islands (best day ever!!)

post-image-0383post-image-0412We had breakfast at Moondance, soaking in all that gorgeous view. Quick taxi ride to our next hotel, and guess what? We got a room with our balcony  overlooking the coastline below! What a perfect spot for enjoying a couple of drinks in the evening…

It was early, so we went down to the beach just to jump into the water. The beach right next to our hotel was lovely. It seemed that every beach we visited on Koh Tao was even more beautiful than the previous one. And we decided to go  for a walk as it was just so beautiful. We didn’t have a map as we didn’t take much with us (since we were only  going down to the beach for a quick jump into the water), so we just started walking in the direction where we thought we were supposed to go. We wandered through pretty narrow footpaths between  bungalows, passing one resort and then another, until we walked out to the most gorgeous beach we’ve seen on the islands.

Turquoise blue water, palm trees and the loveliest tiny beach surrounded by rocks. We didn’t want to get out of water. But when we finally did, we jumped onto the swing hanging on two palm trees. And a couple of hours later when we decided to head back, we found a slackline tensioned between two palm trees!

slackline-beachIt was hard to  leave the cute little beach, but we finally did get back and chilled out in our balcony for a bit. Tiny glass coca-cola bottles, they are just so cute, they will make me start drinking coke! (and they did – I’ve been drinking so much coke here in Thailand like I never had in my entire life. Not good!)

post-image-0875And then we went out for the first time while we were on the islands. We walked out on the beach: colourful light lines along both sides  of the beach, warm water, gentle breeze… We walked along the beach choosing which bar we’d like to sit at and one of them was playing reaaally good music and it was loud enough to listen to from about 10 metres away. So we bought some beer and more tiny cola bottles and just chilled out on the beach next to the bar playing awesome music, taking some pictures.  It seemed like someone was playing my  youtube playlist!  There were two men swinging fire balls and one of them was teaching a girl how to maneuver the balls.

We sat down on the swing, listening to the music, watching them play with fire. Only a few people on the beach, awesome music, lovely view, and the two of us. We sat there taking all that atmosphere in… And we thought that if it wasn’t for me, Vidmantas wouldn’t be here and if it wasn’t for Vidmantas, I wouldn’t be here either. We would probably both be dreaming  about it, but wouldn’t have gone to live on the other side of the world on our own. And it’s great when you can dream together and then go and make those dreams come true.



Koh Tao – Day 5

We had a posh European breakfast (with cappuccino! We missed  good coffee…) in one of the beach restaurants and then walked to the pretty beach. We were laying on the swing, listening to waves, eating mangoes and langan fruit and we simply did not want to leave. 

post-image-0035When we were in the ferry sailing away  from the shore it felt sad. Not sure whether it was because we were leaving the islands or whether it was because Koh Tao was the most beautiful one, but it  just didn’t feel like we had enough time to enjoy it. I was looking at the beautiful shore getting further and further away, hoping I would come back there at some point with more time to just enjoy it. 

It’s strange that when we got back to Chumphon it felt a bit like coming back home after a nice holiday – as if we’d lived there for a while already and had just gone for a holiday to the islands.

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