Have you ever seen a happy puppy? You should have seen Auste when we walked in our room. Well actually, we were both going through drawers and cupboards discovering so much stuff. We had no idea that Lanson Place serviced apartments was like a real home, we thought it would just be a small apartment with a fridge and a kettle.

It took like half an hour and many shouts like “come see this” and “oooh look at that” before we calmed ourselves down.

The view:
It was a one bedroom, one living room, kitchen, and bathroom set up. No balcony, but the windows were floor-to-ceiling high. From 31 floors up we could see the Petronas towers, and the whole KL tower. To the west of it we could see the beautiful Asian sunsets. Unbelievable.

There was nothing in the foreground so the view was better than most hotels, and privacy was unquestionable. Pretty good since we’re normal people and sometimes chill in our underwear lol.

What’s in a serviced apartment:

The reason why Auste was extra cheerful was the content of the place. The website of Lanson Place serviced apartments doesn’t really highlight the stuff you actually get. Also, it doesn’t mention that the room is cleaned daily, and even the dishes get washed! To give you an idea of what things are in the apartment, check this out:

Coffee machine with tea and coffee capsules replenished daily
Big fridge with water, cream, ice ready in the freezer
Fresh fruit upon arrival
Dishes, cutlery, glasses, cups, chopping board, pots, pans even washing up liquid and sponge
Washing machine (with some washing detergent ready)
ironing board
Two TVs
Fancy toiletries
Amazing WiFi
Pool and gym (actually good!) access

Why not a hotel:

Basically we chose Lanson Place serviced apartments because of the central location, where five star hotels cost more. It’s relatively close to the backpacker street, where you can also find many local restaurants. It’s not that we went there, we just made a quick visit to a local 168 (it’s like a 7-11 (corner shops are obsessed with numbers, haha)).

I spoke to some English guy at the gym, and he also agreed that a serviced apartment like this is even better than a five star hotel. He was on his way out so I didn’t feel like asking random questions, but he said had been staying here for three months, which is easily understandable.

How we roll:

There is no restaurant, but there’s a bar on the 48 floor. There’s also a super fancy executive lounge just above the bar. Pictures speak for themselves. We bought a bottle of wine up there, although you can nip down to a proper wine shop next door for a much wider choice and better prices. But it was raining, and the lounge was so lovely that we couldn’t be asked going out.

When it comes to breakfast our motto should be “if there’s a buffet, it doesn’t mean you have to eat everything” – reality is far from it… Auste went the unusual way and had cheese, salad, and juice. I think it’s just because we’re on our way to Bali, the land of yoga and smoothies. I had every possible item. You have to get their croissants.

Next day we wanted to wash our clothes and thought there’s one thing they didn’t think about – to provide washing liquid. We went to the supermarket bought a huge bottle of liquid, came back – washing detergent was on top of the washer…

Pool and gym

This was the only not-so-perfect part of our stay. The pool and sauna facilities actually belong to the apartment complex next door and from what we experienced, their service is a bit lacking. We came twice to try and use the sauna and it was off both times. So if you want to spend 10 minutes in the sauna, be prepared to wait at least half an hour for it to properly heat up.

The swimming pool area is beautiful, but it’s surrounded by tall buildings so I doubt it ever gets warm. If you’re coming from Europe though, it will most likely feel warm to you!

Gym, on the other hand is on the premises of Lanson place and functions as it should do. #chestdayeveryday

The verdict:
This was our first stay at any serviced apartments, but definitely not the last. The service was so nice that during breakfast, one staff even offered to close the blinds when I was taking photos. How is this service even possible?

In general, we’re really pleased to have stayed at Lanson Place Serviced apartments and would recommend it to anyone, especially those who want to make their own food at home.