Luckily no one followed us. The taxi dropped us off at Petaling Street, where last year we were followed by some random weird woman pretending to be just walking around. Stay safe in Kuala Lumpur guys, online comments don’t say it’s THAT safe, it feels like it though. Merchants Lane wasn’t a really good idea on a public holiday, but we only had one day to go out.

So what’s the deal with this place?

Our friend @jeradyne (from Instagram) said that currently Kuala Lumpurians (KL’ians? Kuala’s?) like this trend of going to unusual, unspoiled authentic spots for food and drink. Don’t we all?? Thais do the same. It’s a thing now, not really hipster, but more like society being social in general. Yay.

Why Merchants Lane:

Instagram. #IG4life.

There isn’t one proper reason to go there, but you won’t find anything like this in Chinatown. The decor is kind of vintage, with indoor and outdoor seating which is actually quite large. The portions are quite large, it’s well-priced, and the vibe is just chill. It’s just a nice coffee shop, which is not that easy to find – literally and figuratively.

Where it is:

It’s called Merchants Lane Petaling Street, and you can find it on Google maps. Coming from the market side it’s literally a stones’ throw away, maybe a two-minute walk, but make sure you don’t miss the light blue door, there are no signs or anything – it’s upstairs.

Enjoy the photos.

If you’re still scrolling, I’d like to say it’s actually really nice to meet someone from the “social media world”. We’ve done it a few times already, and it turns out – THEY’RE REAL PEOPLE TOO! So if by any chance you actually read what we share on this page, send us a message, an email, a tweet, or just a comment – maybe we’ll meet in person one day and have a great time 🙂