You’re unlikely to drive the same rural roads as we did going back to Bangkok, but if by chance you do – we definitely recommend a modern Khao Yai coffee shop (LINK) in the middle of the forest.

No doubt proper coffee in Thailand is either way overpriced or impossible to find when you need it! I sound like a coffee addict, don’t I?

The coffee:

Their beans apparently come from northern Bangkok, which is weird for me, because I thought Thai coffee was only grown in the north. Unless they meant they roast them in the north of BKK – that’s more likely. So take our word – the coffee is really good, unless you put any sweet things like sugar or Thai milk in it.

Before this, we’ve had several random coffee shop visits around Khao Yai on our previous trips. But the coffee is just typical strong sweet Thai stuff (khem khem). Obviously you can find amazing western coffee shops but you have to plan your journey there (LINK). We were really lucky to stumble upon this chic international café in the middle of nowhere! Oh, I forgot to mention they have some sweet things to eat too (we just stopped for coffee though).

We have also tried their gacfruit creation – a virgin Mojito with gacfruit juice. It really tasted like a Mojito and we couldn’t really feel the fruit, but the colour was beautiful. It’s all just for Instagram anyway, right? Haha. They even let us try the fruit! Surprisingly, the gacfruit is very bland – all this thick orange skin does is covers the thick seeds which only have a tiny edible coating. And that tasted like an avocado.

The price:

It’s one of those “why haven’t we been here before” moments – for an iced gacfruit Mojito and an Americano we paid… 100 baht. They do it for the love, clearly, not the money.

The design:

Very modern with minimalistic interior: high ceiling, tall doors, metal pipes with lights in them, and wooden tables. The white painted brick walls, blue doors with lion-shaped handles, and the rooftop reminded me of Santorini in Greece (white houses-blue rooftops).

The location:

See their Facebook page for directions (LINK), otherwise all we know that it’s in Kaeng Khoi.

The story:

We were the first foreign visitors at Momor the Farm – yaay! They’ve just opened, and it looks like they love what they’re doing. We met the owners who actually have quadruplets! (now 6-7 years old) One of the girls was excited to see us, and she was so cute but too shy to speak. Knowing Thai people, that’s a standard. They showed us the roof, from where you can see the mountains in the distance.

They also showed us around their little farm where they grow gacfruit, and it looked like they’re in the process of creating a little paradise. If you’re driving past there (not sure why would you though), we definitely recommend paying a visit to this beautiful family’s modern coffee shop.