We’ve been to this place like eight times, we bring our friends here, and all of them love it each time. It’s super difficult to choose a good Bangkok rooftop bar, especially if you’re on a tight budget, or don’t know how if the view will be worth the overpriced drinks. As of now, for us this is the best rooftop bar, although competing closely with Cielo in Phra Khanong. One thing I’m sure of is that if you won’t love it, at least you’ll like it a lot!


Once you go up the 29 floors, you will be greeted by lovely staff wearing Thai traditional dress. There you have two choices:

1.Elegant indoor restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows (we glanced inside and saw almost a scene from Bradley Cooper’s “Burnt”, with Michelin-star chef bossing around everyone in the huge kitchen);

2. Professionally casual outdoor terrace lounge. We haven’t been to the restaurant, but the terrace is definitely our thing.

Walk into the main terrace (there are two!) and you’ll be very tempted to start taking pictures asap, but take a seat first. Some menus glow in the dark! There are chairs, and there are lay down seats with pillows. If you’re new in Thailand – take your shoes off before you roll yourself up in between the pillows 🙂

The upper terrace is smaller, but the view is even better, less obstructed. Get the window seat and enjoy the sunset. The service is impeccable, and everyone’s super professional. We asked where the DJ gets his awesome music from, so he gave us some pointers where to look online. They play kind of chillout, lounge, deep house and it’s not intrusive at all, it even stimulates conversation.

In terms of crowds, some people have described the busyness of Bayioke Sky Bar and Le Bua State Tower using words such as “tourist cattle”, whereas here you can easily walk around, chillout, and not get a single look from the staff urging you to move. It was the opposite, actually, they make it so cosy you don’t want to leave!

foodAt a glance:
-Happy Hour. Drinks menu changes over time, but usually they have something on offer 5-8 PM: cocktails, beer, wine (all quality and delicious). However we were told the offer only applies if you sit on the upper terrace.
-Snacks. Usually they offer complementary salted nuts and olives, but don’t be one of those people… Don’t blatantly ask for refills. It’s a business after all.
-Charges. 10% service, 7 % govt.tax, clearly indicated on menus.
-Toilets. Selfie-worthy.
-View. The “N.Y. Central Park” of Bangkok.
-Rules. No shorts. No tank-tops. No flip-flops. This is a hi-so bar, not Khao San Road.
-Customers. Mainly young professionals, between 25-30 or so.
-Music. Live DJ, very appropriate, not too loud deep house.
-Vegetarians. They do a nice four-cheese pizza.
-Not busy at all!
-Location. BTS Sala Daeng/MRT Lumphini. Walk or get a quick taxi ride (motorcycles 50 baht)


No tripods are allowed (as everywhere, right?) but come at 5 PM to catch the setting sun and the soft light falling on the park and the many buildings in the distance. To get the whole beauty in one shot 24mm lens is not enough, because you have like 180 degree view. If you stay for 1-2 hours you can also get nice evening shots, and you can actually place you camera for slight stabilisation on the glass edge (1-2cm thick). You need a steady hold though. The upper lounge is even better for photos.

insta-finals-1047If it’s so nice, why isn’t it busy then?
The only cons that we have is that to get there you need to wither walk, or take a taxi. And by now we all know what a nightmare getting a taxi can be! If you’re lucky you can get a taxi to MRT Lumphini/BTS Sala Daeng for cheap, or just walk (15+ mins).

See you again, Park Society!