Why Pullman?
Any hotel would have been good. I mean after 3 days with little to no sleep and food you’re not bothered about how fluffy the pillows are in Ho Chi Minh City (read about our crazy train story here). However. Pullman Saigon was picked for all the little things to enjoy towards the end of our trip. It was non-refundable, thus we had to make sure there were no travel issues in our organised/strict itinerary. It would have been throwing away money otherwise. Similar hotels would have been good, but this one had everything!

After being literally rescued from a stranded train (link), we nearly had lost hope to make it to what felt like an oasis in a desert! Our arrival to this 5-star hotel was epic: dirty shorts and backpacks from sitting on a rescue boat, greasy hair, no shower for 3 days, and red eyes from staying up for ages. Still, the welcome was super professional. Oh, and they let us check in two hours early.

Superior King Double PALACE. We felt like cavemen teleported straight into present day – are we the only ones who use their hands to open the blinds?? This one was nothing – the standing bathtub had a switch to automatically pull down a curtain for privacy. And the staff sent us a message through the TV when wifi password changed.

Every item and the interior design itself were modern. Although I couldn’t stream youtube from my brand new android phone on the TV. It’s hard to say what was the highlight because all things added up: spacious room with huge windows, spacious shower,  the stand alone bath, espresso machine, bathrobes, toiletries, interior design, beautiful soft lighting, 24th floor city view, and this wasn’t even one of the posh rooms!


24-hour gym:
Suitable even for bloody bodybuilders, that’s rare! Apart from the usual cardio machines, there were yoga balls and mats, a rowing machine,  two benches with up to 22kg dumbbells, single-arm back and chest cable machines, and a leg extension. Free water and bananas, too. And even a workout plan if you’ve no idea what you want to do.

In order to take full advantage I’d recommend two or more days. Besides the gym,  there was a sauna for men, a steam room for the ladies, and  hot tubs for both (separate). The sauna felt like heaven after our adventure filled journey here! Swimming pool was outdoors, with it’s own bar! There was a lounge bar at the top too, and another one downstairs but we were occupied with our palace so much that we didn’t go there.

Downstairs there is also a souvenir shop, a restaurant, and a PC to use. The staff were happy to watch our bags before we checked in, and they lent us a huge umbrella when we went for a walk.


We spent two hours, and ate everything in sight. Bear in mind that we managed to try like 20% of all vegetarian stuff before we got ridiculously full, and the vegetarian options make up only 10% of all the available foods there. It’s like thinking about the size of the universe. Sorry if I can’t explain this properly, but the breakfast is an experience of its own. We overheard two guys say this upon coming to eat (in a dude accent) “Woah, this restaurant’s huge, man”. Just a teaser:


Freshly baked breads and cakes (I think it may actually be a whole bakery), separate pastry section, crepes making station including countless spreads, English breakfast counter, Japanese food selection including sushi, Vietnamese food, fresh juices (passion fruit, peach and like 8 more), bloody mary station (including Absolut vodka), 10 different  cereals, 10 different yoghurts, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, healthy salads,  lattes and cappucinos. All-inclusive in room rate.


It’s a hotel that doesn’t need advertising. It’s an amazing experience which makes you understand why some people go travelling and never leave their hotel. I went downstairs before check-out time and the lady offered to stay for one extra hour. It may be because I was actually an Accor hotels member (for whatever reason I registered in uni days when I had like 20 pounds in my account). On booking.com it has a rating of 8.8 whereas it should actually be 10.8!


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