The main factor driving us to the Rocket coffee bar was their Instagram account. As soon as you look at their feed, you want to click Follow, and next thing you know you’re on your way there. The Sukhumvit 49 Rocket coffee bar has a really sleek design, which feels very welcoming.

The atmosphere:

It’s an airy minimalist place, with pipes and antique lightbulbs but it doesn’t have that dark rustic vibe, because the huge windows and glass doors let in so much light. The tall ceiling complements the chic design, and the quality wooden tables are very comfortable to work on. They also have 2nd floor and outdoor seating.

What makes the Rocket coffee bar stand out is the service. I shouldn’t even be saying this – we all know that in service industry the staff ARE SUPPOSED to be professional. But Thailand is a whole different story.

Most coffee shops are pretty western, which is good, but we were blown away with staff attentiveness, and they were all super pleasant. One of the baristas was concentrated on the coffee she was making, and almost behind her, outside, a woman held her hand up asking for attention. I seriously wonder how she noticed through the back of her head, but she quickly asked her colleague to serve her. Beautiful.

The desserts:

Honestly, not as good as Brooklyn Baker, but I believe their strength lies in their brunch. They have so many options it’s unbelievable. Unfortunately, it was out of question since we like to eat sweet stuff in the morning.

S’more in a cup was very light, not overly sweet, with some pretty burnt marshmallows on top. However after a few minutes it became slightly runny so the gram cracker crumble was a bit soggy. The presentation was pretty though.

The Berry Berry waffle was a bit savoury, and had some nice iced mullberries on top. The sweetened creme fraiche was the perfect topping, but the lingo berry compote added a bit too much acidity to the combination. They could actually introduce the waffles and creme fraiche-only dish, that would be amazing, for us at least. The coffee:
Probably the best we’ve had. Ever. The latte was silky smooth and actually cheaper than many places, like Ekkamai Macchiato. Served in a classic drinking glass.

The aeropress Americano cost 150 baht, but it was super nice. The beans were Brazilian Veloso, and I craved it the same evening as soon as we got back home. Light, with a sweet after taste, and definitely no bitterness. It was really good.

The verdict:

Design and attention to detail makes Rocket Coffee Bar a very professional, yet relaxed place. Think of it less hipster joint, and more Silicon Valley lounge (never been, but you’d expect something like that, wouldn’t you?). The music was good and almost unnoticeable.

If we hadn’t had plans that morning, we would have sat there for hours on end. I personally think it has something to do with the design, you just don’t want to leave. The place is right across from Starbucks, so make sure you make the right choice.

Also, it’s a (Scandinavian-influenced) brunch type of place, but we went there in the morning so didn’t have any of their food, which actually looks really appetizing on their menu.

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