When you live in Bangkok, you realise how many places there are to visit and things to do. It was an ordinary day at work – no deadlines, no stress, no hassle. I wanted to keep the chilled-out mood for the rest of the day, so Auste and I decided to relax at some nice café in Bangkok. Where we live there are only Thai home-style eateries, so most people wear track pants and flip-flops. However, we felt like hanging out in western places, or just hip spots in the city centre which would give us an excuse to dress a bit smarter!

We got on the BTS and started surfing through BK Asia-city reviews. It’s an awesome site where you’ll find the latest reviews of bars, clubs, restaurants, places to visit, etc. Many foreigners follow either Coconuts Bangkok or BK Asia-city, and these are also two of my favourite social platforms for Bangkok news.

post-image-0481So we got off at Ekamai and went down Sukhumvit Soi 63. It was getting dark and all the lights and cars passing by were just pretty. We strolled along the main road investigating literally every single shop we walked past. There were plenty of nice cafés, massage places, restaurants, local shops, Big C, even an INDEX living shopping complex… but at around Soi 10 some vintage shoes on display caught my eye, and then I saw a coffee machine, and some cake stands, and that was it – our coffee shop. The shoes were from ‘Unfashion vintage’ shop, and the coffee shop is called ‘Unfashion café’.

post-image-0452The exterior reminded us of a huge American trailer car, or some kind of a converted barn. The red bricks and lightbulb display name did give a vintage feel to it. The interior was even more striking. Once we entered, it felt like we were in some kind of straw-bale house, or a cozy trailer home. The cake selection was very tempting, as was the coffee menu. We ordered a latte, some kind of Viennese coffee (dark coffee with whipped cream – this was just so so), and a strawberry latte, which was the best of all three. The prices were around 60-70 baht for hot coffee, and just over 100 baht for cakes, which is good for Bangkok. And, they were delicious! The mixed berry pie reminded us of stayovers at our friends’ eating home-made pies, and the cheesecake was quality too!

post-image-0471post-image-0455The seats looked like converted beds with mattresses, and I think they were! It was very comfy with the pillows, not too cold, the music was modern and very suitable for work. All in all – an amazing café with a very relaxing atmosphere (it does feel like you’re at somebody’s home!) and they stay open until 20:30.


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