It’s obvious where the name comes from: in about an hour the typical daylight sky painted the horizon with countless beautiful colours, and it looked incredibly soft and smooth, to a point where we wanted to touch the sky! So here we were: Vanilla Sky rooftop bar.

Once you step inside the Compass Sky View hotel, walk through the extravagant lobby (where you would like to stay by the way) and take the lift to the 35th floor. If there’s no number 35, you’re in the wrong one. Did it twice. Listen to the people with experience! Well, unless you enjoy going up and down the elevator for fun.

The view:

If you have never been to a rooftop bar before, once you step foot on the roof terrace you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a warm gentle breeze and panoramic views of the city above and beyond. And if you have been before, you know exactly what I mean!

To experience the best sunset (that’s where you can get your money’s worth!) come right when they open, at 6 PM. For about an hour we didn’t even notice that our drinks had arrived, and there were different snacks on the table!

The cocktails:

First, we tried the signature Mojito: a very refreshing mix of fresh mint and lime, which wasn’t too strong or laid with sugar sediment at the bottom. It was a good choice for the first drink, to watch the sun hide behind the tall buildings.

Next stop – Honey Spice. It is actually a Gin and Tonic, which I wouldn’t have been able to tell by myself. I love spicy stuff, and trust me, I don’t mess about when I order a Som Tam. For a cocktail, the chilli was not overpowering, but if you can’t handle spicy, I wouldn’t recommend it for safety reasons. It was nicely balanced with a tad of sweetness, I guess, from honey!

Buena Sera, Senorita! I’m not a fan of Margaritas… I’m thinking of the reason, and I may have just found the answer. I like to take my time with something as elegant as a cocktail, but when you drink something from a wide and shallow glass, you drink it very quickly! But our friend loved it, you just have to take it slow! Good news – the rim of the glass wasn’t too salty either!

Vanilla Sky – this was Auste’s favourite. It was smooth and easy-drinking, with a good balance of vanilla sweetness and sourness of the pineapple. I secretly sense that it was Auste’s favourite because she will drink anything with pineapple!

You can actually view the menu HERE.

Special offer:

Many visitors who come to Bangkok incorrectly assume there’s a happy hour everywhere. I guess this influence comes from all the “lady” bars downstairs, and they’re not the fanciest by any means… It almost makes sense that with every floor of the building the drinks price goes up by 10 baht. Most of the drinks are priced between 320 and 350 baht.

Luckily Vanilla Sky rooftop is pretty generous with their 25% off regular cocktails! (all the drinks we had were from the regular menu). As with most rooftop bars, there will be the 10% service, and 7% added on top of the bill.

We were FRIED when we left the bar (I blame the Margarita!), and the snacks didn’t fill us up. Fortunately you can have a nice meal nearby because it’s only a short walk away from the BTS line. We chose to dine at the Veganerie Concept just behind the Emporium mall (you can walk through).

All in all it’s a brilliant place to watch the sunset, but make sure you grab a seat on the right hand side just around the glass entrance, as that’s the side where the sun goes down. Just don’t overdo it with the classy drinks, as we all felt the aftermath the day after!

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