Veganerie Concept is no longer a concept – thank God! Total visits – about three. Total awesome times – also three! As always, we’re super grateful for the “BK Asia City” review. Without them we wouldn’t have know about this place, hidden somewhere behind Benjasiri Park. We were in Siam thingking of getting KebapCo burgers, but they had run out (how awesome is that!?).

Over our visits there were 5 of us: 2 vegans, and 3 vegetarians. As always, the “in-house” team was:

Ieva: a tall, yoga-loving, conscious eater with a small stomach;
Auste: a fitness enthusiast with quick metabolism, and eyes bigger than the stomach;
And me: a body-type that says loves gym, but definitely enjoys ice-cream.

The newbie visitors were Eisve and Justinas: both slim, always hungry, and all about the vegan lifestyle (“do you think these sofas are vegan”?).

5-10 minute walk from BTS Phrom Phong – you can take the road between Emporium and the park, and turn right so you end up behind the park. You can’t miss the huge sign on the left that says VEGANERIE.

It’s a spacious place, with large tables well spread out for more privacy. They also have real and fake plants to separate the dining area from the counter where the staff hang around. During the day there’s lots of sunlight. You can also buy some organic/handmade food and cosmetics stuff.

This is where you get your value for money. We took ages, and I saw Eisve was a bit puzzled, so as a joke I said “you know everything here is vegan, right??” – her face lit up, and we spent even more time looking at the menu. Most places offer things like brunches and lunches or smoothies and cakes. As if that’s food…
Pulled pork BBQ burger with coleslaw, chips and dips, satay chicken with peanut dip (mm…) on a bowl of salad, Masaman curry, Indian with roti, superfoods, shakes, and salads are extensive and creative too.

Bear in mind though that we love veggies and the fake meats are not our thing. Luckily the dishes here don’t taste meaty at all (maybe Masaman) – the mushrooms and tofu are not chewy, and go really well with a cold beer which you can bring in with no corkage fee. They don’t sell beer, but there’s a Family Mart across the road (Emquartier side).

Affordable, given their quality. A burger is 310 baht, Chicken satay about 200. Most savoury dishes/meals cost around 250 baht.

Yes, yes, and yes. We keep coming back when we want some quality food, and we’re not even vegan! In comparison with other places, it’s a bit more expensive (only between 10-20 %). And even though you have to walk further away from the BTS to get there, it’s worth the walk!